Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mercy...mercy...mercy God

Just watch the video before it's removed from Youtube....nothing can be said, nothing worth saying, but tears and misery, may God bless their souls and may heaven be their eternal place.

This is a VERY strong video, anyone with weak heart and stomach should NEVER watch this...for me I couldn't finish it all, it was to hard to watch...

pray for their souls

this video is for today's bombings in Baghdad with a sad Iraqi song. share it please.


The Architect said...

may Allah have mercy on those poor innocent victims and send those terrorists to hell, forever. may they burn in the fire of their sins, and the misery of their deeds.

The Arabic Student said...

Some people say that showing things like this isn't right, but I think everyone should see it. When you hear, "X were killed in car bombs in Baghdad" all the time on the news it doesn't make you feel anything, but when you actually see the victims and see their suffering it makes you care and feel for them. It makes you want to do something. I think CNN and the major news networks should show the results of terrorist activity. More people might care then.

Anonymous said...

how come u never heard about "terrorist attacks" in iraq before the american invasion???

Anonymous said...

"how come u never heard about "terrorist attacks" in iraq before the american invasion???"

Because Sadam terrorized everyone into submission.

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