Sunday, April 4, 2010

Got'em finally

I know I haven't been posting much recently but all of you knows that I'm building a new life and trying to make things work right and last week I took huge steps toward achieving that.
Thank you god...Finally, I got my social security number few days ago and I have taken the driver's licence exam and I passed from the first trial, Now I have a driver licence, a bank account and a social security number, that's a real improvement in one week, and now I'm still waiting for the work authorization so that I can start searching for a job.
If you haven't noticed, I have placed the donation button again, but this time it's for my very own account...
Now my Friends and readers is the BEST time to make a donation, every donation will help me a lot to get a better car and that means a better start, since you know how mechanics are expensive here, so I need a reliable car and reliable cars costs more than my budget for the car, I need your support now in starting my new life...Thank you all in advance.


LJM said...

I'm happy to make a gift to your donation account, Mohammed. I hope everyone else reading your blog over the years does the same. You've given us so much in keeping us up to date with what's gone on in Iraq. It's time for us to do the same for you.

Also, the violence news in Iraq is not good. Whoever the insurgents are, they seem to be back from wherever they were hiding.

LJM said...

Don't forget to go get your library card:)

Dr.Mohammed said...

Thank you very much LJM for the generous donation...the news are really heart breaking...I'll make a post once I have enough and good inside intel.

I already did that, even before I got the social, they issued me one :)

david santos said...

I loved this work and this space. have a nice week.

Jeff said...

Golly! I haven't read you blog in years I think... I just sent one of your old posts to a friend and I thought the blog was dead.

Are you in America? Is that what you meant by Social Security Number?

Anyway, I'm glad you are building a new life. God bless! You were always one of my favorite Iraqi bloggers.

Hardy Haberman said...

Congratulations and a belated HOWDY! to the Great State of Texas! Glad you successfully made it here. If you are ever in Dallas, let me know.

Dr.Mohammed said...

Thank you very much Hardy for the generous donation, well after I buy the car, I might take a tour in Texas...and if I get to Dallas sure I'll let you know.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your blog and found it Interesting.First I want to say Welcome to the United States!!

2nd Having spent time in Houston I will tell you that you are correct and it has a very large problem with Illegal immigrants from Mexico, Most are good people that want a good life but forgot to check in at the conveniently border crossing haha!!

Houston is the 4th largest city in the USA and is very very spread out through many suburbs they are very pretty areas but I hated the damn traffic! Worst in the USA in my opinion.

On the bright side you should have no problem finding a job Houston is always booming. You might even Check NASA I know they employ thousands! Really in your position though and obviously good standing with the Government I would be checking USAJOBS.COM and as well as CIA and even contractors such as the fact that you speak the languages makes you a asset and many jobs are available and not all require you to go in the field or different countries. you can never leave the USA if you wish.Just a suggestion because if you are looking for a job you cannot do much better than the Government.

I live in the State above you of Oklahoma come and check the state out sometime.

Good Luck and welcome to the USA!