Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Lilli

It's March the 6th, it's my Linda's Birthday...she is one year old, wow, what a really wonderful feeling...Lilly, wish you the best in life; health, success, peace, luck and everything good in this life.. daughter you are my precious gift.
we will be celebrating it with her grandpa and grandma who came for San Antonio and some other distant relatives who lives in Houston.
but there is one disturbing thing, that I really didn't wish to happen at least during her birthday, Looli is suffering from H1N1 flu !!! yes it sounds scary, and I literally felt like I was going to die, what a terrible feeling, I cried and cried and I wanted to give up everything just to make her better, I was wishing to give my life just to make her overcome the damn virus, they gave her Tamiflu and a bunch of other medicines, that was at March 4th, Thank god today she kicked the H1N1 virus ass and she is much better now. Thank you god for your endless blessings.

It's Kinda Irony when I'm celebrating my daughter's B day in a peaceful place while my fellow Iraqis are having some terrible worries in the most disturbing places trying to find a good man among a big bunch of bastards...the candidates are really a big bunch of thugs, the best one of them is a criminal in some way...but the news were a bit good when the primary results showed that Alawi had a good number of voters along with AlMaliki.
Well, This is kind of a quick post...I'll post more in-depth posts as soon as I can because I'm busy with my in-laws who came to stay with us for a few days and then we might go back with them to San Antonio and stay there for a couple of days....
Ok, later for now.


Overstrung said...

Happy birthday :)

Indigo said...

Happy birthday, Linda, for last Saturday. I hope to meet you - and your brave parents - one day.

Yes, how strange it must feel to be hearing about the bombs in Baghdad from the relative safety of the US when, not so long ago ... I hear that one bomb brought down two blocks of flats. Poor Iraqis, they have suffered so much.

LJM said...

A very happy first birthday to Linda, with wishes for good things to come for her, starting with her health returning to normal. It's a shame she got the flu. I'm glad she's better. How nice your in-laws could be there and you may get to visit San Antonio. You might even decide after you get all your papers in order to move there if you like it. As you know, there's a dental school there with a program for foreign trained dentists. I've known people who lived there and liked it.

Iraqis turned out to vote and I hope they elected politicians who will do right by them.

andrew said...

We had our villains to deal with in the early years of our country.

Just look at our third Vice President.

I sent you my email btw.

Victoria said...

Happy Birthday to a beautiful, lucky little girl!

Don Cox said...

Not only Aaron Burr but Richard Nixon too.

The great thing about democracy is that you get to choose the least bad candidate, and you can get rid of him at the next election if he turns out worse than you expect.

Under a tyranny, you get the worst of the bad, and there is no way to get rid of him (at least in a modern dictatorship it is almost impossible). And the longer he stays in power, the worse he gets.

It can take a long time to get things right. Look at the history of France after the Revolution.

Um Ayad said...

Belated Happy Birthday wishes to lovely little Linda. Al hamdulillah she has recovered from the H1N1 virus. I wish her health and happiness. I hope she grows up in a more peaceful world.

My very best wishes to you and Sarah.

andrew said...

Don: I concur. As long as the people of Iraq can face the future with their heads held high and their minds ever critical and analyzing they will one day have a great and prosperous society.

We lucked out with the brilliance of Madison, Hamilton, and Jefferson; the deep thoughtfulness and charisma of Washington; and the keen analytical mind of John Marshall to guide our nation through its toughest of times.

I can only hope such brilliance and ability is found within the Iraqis that want to take part in their nation's governance.

Sunshine said...

كل عام و لندا بالف خير الله يحفظها و يحرسها يارب
و يحميها من كل مكروه

sarautopia said...

Wow!!! Your blog is really nice I love your style of writing and Happy Birthday... lets keep our fingers crossed Allawi brings change to Iraq.