Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sacred Shoe

As most of you know, it's not my nature to write a new post one day after I published a post because I don't want to ruin the older one unless something really big happens. Sacred shoe is not a myth or a fairy tale…the shoe I'm talking about is for Muntathar AlZaidi from AlBaghdadia channel; the brave journalist that I'm sure majority of you have heard of…but what you haven't heard is the reactions of the Iraqi street and what do people think of Muntathar and what happened.
As a start I must make it clear what does it mean to throw someone with a shoe in the Iraqi traditions or may I say Arabic traditions in general; it's the maximum insult a man can do…it's the maximum humiliation no word can accomplish…and it happened yesterday in front of the whole world to one of the greatest criminals in the modern history when the brave Muntathar AlZaidi threw his two shoes on Bush who was standing beside AlMaliki in a press conference in Baghdad (BTW, it was an insult to AlMaliki too since he was standing besides him and in his place which is considered another insult in the Arab traditions).
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it on TV…Bush is a great criminal who directly or indirectly killed and ruined the lives of thousands of people whether Iraqis or American and it was hurting me to see him walking out of the white house with a pride thinking and pretending that he have accomplished his missions, made the world a better place and spread democracy! And the shoe came right on his face to wake him up and give him the humiliation he deserves by the hands of a brave Iraqi with the brave Iraqi saying "here is the goodbye kiss"…how many Iraqi faces have been stepped on with shoes because of him, it's time for him to try his own poison…I jumped out of my chair with the widest smile ever but that smile disappeared when I saw the bastards kicking him and punching him, what really hurt me with all the Iraqis that the ones who were beating him are Iraqis screaming "Turn off the all the cameras" and the brave was screaming "you are Iraqis!!!", if they were Americans it would be OK because it's their president and it's their duty to protect him but not Iraqis…as the journalist of AlBabiliya channel said "it has been hours and we are still hearing him being beaten and screaming in the other room" is this the democracy and freedom to beat someone! I know it's not a democracy to hit a president with a shoe and he should face the law because law is tricky but does the law say he should be beaten? Didn't Bush say he rescued the Iraqis from the torture of Saddam? Didn't both of them (AlMaliki and Bush) said that Iraq is a country of law! Then does the law permit torturing and in front of them and the whole world? There is nothing easier than talking…in addition to that 4 of his colleagues from AlBaghdadia channel were arrested, beaten and undressed.
Muntathar left a note to his friends that he will do something for Iraq and enter history …sure thing he did.
Anyways, today I went to work as usual and all the people I saw were very very happy, it was like a national celebration…A female patient came to me for a filling and as we were waiting for the Anesthesia to take effect she said "do you know doc. That yesterday was an Eid to me; I haven't celebrated Eid for the past 3 years because the Americans "accidentally" killed my husband and son and Bush is the reason why they are here so yesterday some of my revenge has been taken" …all the staff said the same thing "A statue should be built for Muntathar" in fact many of them have used the photo of Muntathar as a background for their mobiles but the really beautiful thing that made me even happier was that no one referred to his sect or anything…they were all proud of him, Muntathar means "awaited" in Arabic referring to Imam AlMahdi and since we are in it, he was kidnapped by AlMahdi army at November 2007 and tortured then released after paying the ransom and some say he didn't pay any ransom.
I haven't watched the news today because I'm a bit busy with few things but I have heard that there were demonstrations asking for releasing Muntathar.
So what will happen now? Will he be considered a terrorist? Will throwing a president with a shoe be a terrorist act?
I think there will be two scenarios of what will happen…either he will continue his life in jail for countless charges and die there or he will be released within few weeks and after some time he will be dead and of course they will say for natural causes or he might die in an accident.
Finally I want to clear a few things, I don't think that throwing a shoe at a president is a good thing at all but there are exceptions for everything and this incident is an exception because he really deserves it and I think many Americans will agree on that too, in fact people from all over the world will agree to this too.
May god and his angels be with you Muntathar to help you through the hard situation you are in now…Muntathar you gave the Iraqis a tiny but an important part of their dignity back which was humiliated by this criminal…you are one of the bravest men, you will be an icon for god knows how long…God bless you and protect you.
I'll leave you with a video from different cameras for the beautiful scene.


Anonymous said...

Yeah cause vigilantism is always the right thing.I some how think that when someone decides you deserve it you're going to agree with it as well.

We have processes to deal with Bush and we voted him out of office and we voted his party out of office. We can put him on trial if anyone has the balls to do it, but acting like a moron just doesn't make Bush suffer. You think Bush is all "aww damn he hates me I should go weep now?" Highly unlikely.

Immaturity abounds in this world and it's just downright surprising to me.

Ontobelli کτγℓع said...

Fuck Bush and his lies!

I steel laughing at mass destruction shoes.

Greetins Salam.

Anonymous said...

Full pictures, report and explanation of 'shoe throwing' was on all the BBC channels in the UK.

Bush was lucky it was only a 'shoe' in the USA they have a habit of assasinating Presidents once in a while.

It could not have happened to a'nicer' man is the ironic comment over here.

mrs K

Annie said...

I read your blog and learn so much from you and your elegant descriptions of daily life.

But I have a different reaction to the incident. To me it's very tragic. That the reporter was a victim of violence and probably received no treatment for his traumas and then sat confronting the man he perceives as the root of the cause of all of his misery must have been overwhelming for him.

I wrote about it in more detail.

And on a related note, I have submitted an idea to President-Elect Obama's transition team to repatriate Iraq's library and archive materials. I wrote about it here, and the idea is here. Please consider supporting the idea and sharing it.

The Write Dreamer said...

I am an American and yes, while I do think there are better ways to express yourself. On the other hand, if any president ever deserved to have shoes thrown at him, it is President Bush. If he was truly a leader, and we already know he's not, he would have insisted that the reporter not be detained or beaten. I hope he is released soon and is protected by the people.

C.H. said...

The opinions of this incident among Iraqis has been like night and day from what I can tell. Some of my friends in the Middle East feel what this man did was rude and stupid.

I disagree with you, doctor--I don't believe that Bush is a criminal and I don't believe that he ever intended for any of this to happen. He wanted to try to make a difference, and he failed at it--mainly because the democrats, his critics, and the forces of terrorism have been there every step of the way to trip him and then try and blame the result on him.

2 years ago, I wrote a letter to the president...I was really sad and really upset because of what was happening in Iraq. All hope seemed lost, the American people elected morons to lead Congress in the '06 elections, and Iraq seemed truly hopeless. I begged the president not to give up, all the while wishing I could be there to help the people of Iraq. I really would switch places with you, Dr. Mohammed, if I could. You deserve to raise your family somewhere peaceful :)

Anyway, President Bush responded to my letter a couple months later and thanked me for my suggestions. I have that letter framed on my wall, and I have no doubt that the man who signed that letter cares about the outcome in Iraq--he has given everything to do so.

To be honest, I would much rather be hearing about shoe-throwings and protests than about terrorism and misery. I have faith in the Iraqi people that things are going to get better.

CMAR II said...

What better way than this to affirm why Iraqis owe Bush a great big "Thank you."

The punishment for an Iraqi who offended Saddam or his family was to be slowly hanged. Now an Iraqi gets to throw things at a visiting foreign dignitary and he'll probably get a slap on the wrist.
I'm sure Bush would say, "Your welcome."

Anonymous said...

Just like C.H. I too have a letter from Bush framed on my wall. I wrote to him when I first wanted to do some cocain and asked whether I should snort it through my left or my right nostril. He actually answered: "I really can't say buddy, it's just as good either way. Maaan, I's did mountains of coke back in the day. Now I get my kicks from being a lying bastard and seeing half my people in despair that the remaining STUPID half believe in me whatever bullshit I feed them. It's such a hoot!"

An Italian. said...

Dear Dr. Mohammed,

of course I agree with your evaluation of the courageous act by Iraqi journalist al-Zaidi.

This criminal against humanity, George W. Bush, luckily has his little farewell visit to Iraq completely ruined.

Of course such a cruel beast and his gang of mass-murderers (Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Perle, and the rest of the band) should be subjected to an international trial on the model of Nurnberg, and then hung like the Nazi chiefs were: they started a war of aggression and a murderous occupation against Iraq.

No wonder that the most revolting of them, like the Rat Cmarii and the disgusting Celenterate 'C.H.', come here to spew their impotent bile (and the Snakeworm 'anand' will be next): they don't want to admit that the invasion of Iraq was a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY by itself, followed by innumerable crimes against humanity committed or favoured by the American occupiers.

What is essential now is to see that al-Zaidi is immediately liberated: no doubt, as you say, they'd like to 'disappear' him...
let's hope that the pressure of public opinion compels the indecent al-Maliki to free him!

Indigo said...

Muntathar Al Zaidi for President of Iraq.

Of course Bush is a criminal hated around the world and before long he will be before the International Criminal Court at The Hague.

Meanwhile, let Muntathar AlZaidi go free. He only threw two shoes; Bush "threw" - ordered - the illegal invasion of a sovereign country that was no threat at all to the West, there were no WMD, the US invaders sacked the Iraqi army and flattened the modern city of Fallujah and other cities, imprisoned thousands upon thousands of civilian Iraqis without trial or access to legal representation (remember Abu Ghraib and Baghram), destroyed a perfectly functioning society, trashed antiquities, murdered hundreds of thousands of ordinary Iraqis, drove millions into exile as refugees and has tried unsuccessfully to make Iraq a vassal state.

Bush is lucky that it was only shoes.

JG said...


he'll probably get a slap on the wrist

Eh... did you read the post?

Pat said...

Dear Mohammed

Yesterday I arrived in your blog because the flying shoes, but I was so suprise with what I found in your blog that I did not want to talk about Mr. Al-Zaidi that moment.

I agree with you with all and I would like to ask to Iraqs people to ask and prie for the liberation of Mr. Muntadar Al-Zaidi. I have send this message where I can.
We all know that is unacceptable to throw a shoe, or whatever it is, on a president or a representative of a foreign country, under any circumstances. But we understand that this act was the wish of millions of people around the world. Mr. Muntadar Al-Zaidi did what the world would like to have done and had no courage to do. I think he held the desire of many and can not be punished for it.
I think Mr.Bush deserved this message from the world. He and any other representative that does not work for peace and the well being of all people.
I wish the forgiveness of Mr. Muntadar Al-Zaidi, which acted on behalf of all Iraq citizens, men, women and children who have suffered unjustly and is still suffering the horror of this insane war. He has also acted by the desire of every citizen of the world that, at any time, did not agree to this cruel war.


Anonymous said...

At our Christmas party last night, everyone there all laughed heartily at the shoe throwing incident. "The man (Muntathar) deserves a medal!" everyone said.
Not one person spoke up in favour of George Bush.

Anonymous said...

We were so wrong to go into Iraq, or any Muslim country for that matter. These people will NEVER understand freedom and the fact that every free nation on earth had to fight and many had to die to get their individual freedoms and almost every free nation in this world also had to have help from some other country in order to get their freedoms. These people do not want their freedoms and, therefore, do not deserve to have freedom. They think freedom actually comes overnight and there is no price for having the greatest gift on earth. They actually want dictators to tell them how to live because making their own decisions scared them to death, I suppose. Anyway, we need to just get out of there and let whatever dictator take them over and isolate them from the rest of the world as Saddam did. This was the last straw for me as far as wanting these people to have their freedoms.

Langalibalele said...

We Americans are a paradoxical lot. Some folks invoke the name of Saddam to make you kowtow to the US invasion. Well, don't feel bad. Same anonymous ones bravely tell us (anonymously, of course!) that blacks should be glad for slavery. Having said that, too bad nobody over here has taken to hurling shoes. Might not be in the fix we're in today. Keep up the good work, your blog is great.

Jeffrey said...

Symbolic warfare is for powerless pussies.

Why do we never see Americans burning flags of other countries? Americans would be embarrassed to do such a thing. Why? Because we can actually take apart other countries if we want to. We don't need symbolic warfare; we do the real thing. Symbolic warfare is for pussies.

When people in the Middle East dance around a burning US flag, they do so because they have NO POWER to actually attack us. Burning a flag -- or tossing a shoe -- is ALL THEY GOT. To Americans, Al-Zaidi's action proclaims and underscores how POWERLESS he is. It's like wearing a "LOSER" sign around one's neck.

And that's why there's a fundamental difference in interpretation between how people in the US and people in the Middle East see Al-Zaidi's shoe-tossing. To Americans, he's just another pathetic, powerless symbolic warrior. To Arabs, he may be a hero, a symbolic warrior who was able to toss a shoe at our president, but they fail to realize just how weak and contemptible Al-Zaidi looks through our eyes.

He's just like those Iraqis who dance around in their black pajamas every Friday after mosque, burning Americans flags and waving around their AKs. In real warfare, they're not worth much; they're the first ones to run. In symbolic warfare, however, they can be whatever their imagination allows them to be. They jump, they scream, they threaten, they burn another flag, they chant "Down with America" for the thousandth time. But it's all PLAY-ACTING for pussies. The truth is that in actual warfare the Arabs have not won a war or even a battle in a long, long time. They can burn as many American flags as they want, but to us each burned flag is just another sign of how powerless and ineffectual they are. Symbolic warfare is a sign of weakness, not strength.

In America our heroes have actually fought bravely in battles and in wars alongside their fellow soldiers, marines, and sailors. If Al-Zaidi is an Arab hero, then Arabs can forget about being respected in the world at large for decades, if not centuries, to come.


B Will Derd said...

What a fitting end to the whole fiasco--- Bush signs a treaty with a democratically elected Iraqi government, a 'professional' Iraqi throws his shoes (and misses, of course) and is hailed as the great hero of the Arab people, Bush laughs and goes home with the thing he came for 7 years ago. Such self destructive arrogance and pseudo pride is symbolic of the Iraqi response to the whole endeavor. Bush won everything he sought, the former Baathists and anti war crowd find victory in foolish fecklessness. Perfect.

Anonymous said...

I think it should be a future requirement that ALL attendees of similar conferences in the Middle East be required to remove their shoes and strip down to their underwear as a precondition for attendance.

Anthony said...

The reaction to the shoe toss has been rather positive in America from what I've seen. I wouldn't mind flinging one myself.

I have a project called What I See Out My Window. Nobody from Iraq has shared what they see out their window yet. Do you think you can give me a hand?

Touta said...

thank you for this wonderful post.

Indigo said...

Jeffrey, ignorant and vulgar, deluded and insolent cretin to the bitter end.

The American economy is about to tank, global power is moving eastwards, Al-Zaidi is a hero to tens of millions around the world. America lawless violence, remorseless cruelty and extraordinary arrogance is even more hated than in 2003.

It says a lot that an American thinks it is OK to post jaw-dropping rudeness like this on an Iraqi blog. Jeffrey, you have learned nothing in the last five years, you have regressed not evolved. Loser.

Indigo said...

As for B Will Derd, where do I start.

Well, since this is Christmas-tide and President Bush claims to be a Christian, let us look at the predicament of Christians in Iraq. Their situation is incomparably worse, thanks to "Christian" America.

America has failed comprehensively in Iraq. Failed to appropriate Iraq's oil, failed to bring freedom and true democracy (vassal states don't count), failed the people of Iraq, failed Jesus Christ.

B Will Derd said...

Let's see-- The US has failed comprehensively in Iraq? How do you figure? Saddam is gone. The desire and capacity to acquire WMD is gone. The almost certainty of war between Iran and Iraq, possibly involving the aforementioned WMD that would without a doubt be part of that endeavor, is no more. It has been fashionable to say that Iran has been empowered, but if you look below the surface you see the regime is teetering with the drop in oil pushing it to the precipice. The largest US Embassy in the world is in the middle of the Middle East. There is a signed treaty between the democratically elected Iraq government and the USA ratifying a continuing presence. Where is the 'failure'? Did many, many thousands die? Yes, mostly at the hands of Iraqis who have had to come to terms with their failure as a society. That seems to have been unavoidable, in retrospect. Only a brutal oppression costing thousands and thousands of lives could have prevented the civil war that ensued. Sound familiar? There was no future for Iraq that did not involve suffering. Either it will have been for something worthwhile, or it will go back to where it was. Until Iraqis come to see that they were largely culpable for the continual dysfunction of their society instead of hapless victims, I am betting on the later. But I base that opinion on Iraqi bloggers though the people at large seem to be doing much better. Elections will show us if that is true or not.

Indigo said...

B Will Derd, your ignorance and cruelty appears to be fathomless. You get your "news" from Fox, I take it? Have you even got a passport?

Anand said...

Dr. Mohammed, do Baghdadis think that the IP and IA are ready to assume full responsibility for Baghdad's security when Baghdad gets Provincial Iraqi Control (as it will soon)?

How much confidence do Baghdadis have in the Iraqi Army? Iraqi Police?

Have you noticed an improvement in the quality of the new Iraq National Police in their new uniforms?

B Will Derd said...

Oh, I see. My observations can't be truly refuted, so you respond with inanity and insult. How would my supposed source of information or lack of passport impact the accuracy of my words? Which among my observations do you find inaccurate? You said 'failed comprehensively' and I gave you examples of undeniable success even if you choose to qualify them as limited in scope. So, proven wrong with little effort, you surrender, declare superiority and petulantly insult. Are you Iraqi?

Lynnette In Minnesota said...


I'm pleased to see that the bridge has reopened and people are once again traveling between neighborhoods, Mohammed. And even more pleased to hear that you felt safe enough to ask the Iraqi soldier for directions. While Iraq still has security problems, there is definite improvement.

As for the shoe thrower, give him community service and fine him. He shouldn't be jailed and those who beat him should be brought up on assault charges. Yes, I know, I know, the shoe thing was intended as an insult. People think the President should feel duly chastised and slink off into the sunset. Others agree it was an insult and are duly offended. I hear Laura Bush is not amused. But, of course, that's understandable, given her love for her husband. I doubt if Bush is upset. He just called it weird. My feeling is that it was a shoe for God's sake. It wasn't a lethal weapon. And I don't care how much of an insult it is supposed to be in the Arab world. In my book it was a simple assualt that injured no one.

I don't agree with those who think of George Bush as a criminal. Not at all. His problem was that he did not understand the complexities in the Middle East. In all honesty, if he had, maybe he would have had second thoughts about getting involved there.

There are serious problems in your region of the world, Mohammed. Problems that have been swept under the rug by countless dictators. One of those problems being why dictators seem to be so prolific there. I suggest the GOI cut Al-Zaidi some slack and lighten up a little. Freedom is something that needs to be practiced for it to become ingrained in a culture.

Btw, have you ever thought of drawing something other than teeth pictures? Seriously. Yeah, yeah, I know, you're a dentist. But the one looks like a vampire. :D I rather liked your wife's Greek painting.


Soooo, you're still around. I thought you might have went back to east Africa to live in the bush, like you kept talking about. Or maybe were detained somewhere...

Ontobelli کτγℓع said...

Refuted? hehehe

Your "observations" are non-sense and the lies that most ignorant Americans believe. But the world knows the true about the lies of bushit and the WMD. In fact 95% of the world disaprove him and 69% of Americans. XD

You should read the reports of Hans Blix. THE OFFICIAL TRUE ABOUT THAT FACT. XD


That's exactly why American people are considered stupid around the world. XD

By the way, I'm not Iraqi. I'm Mexican from one of the countries that vote against the ILLEGAL INVASION OF IRAQ.

B Will Derd said...

So, you chose to refute the statement : 'The desire and capacity to acquire WMD is gone.'

And I am the ignorant one? That they were still there during and after the invasion is certainly debatable, but their existence just prior and the capacity and desire to reconstitute them is undeniable (except by the ignorant).

SO you are from Mexico which voted against the invasion of Iraq? That didn't make it illegal, but the fact that you are from the narco state of Mexico which has a government with a de facto policy of truly illegal invasion of the US to rid itself of people that might otherwise demand a functional state while it commits atrocities against those who come to the country illegally is hardly a sign you can claim moral superiority or superiority of any other sort. But an affinity for Iraq is understandable since you live in a nation that is increasingly dysfunctional and subject to terror from groups within (and relies on the US for its survival).

Ontobelli کτγℓع said...

"The desire and capacity to acquire WMD is gone".

Do you really believe that? LOL

You idiot there were other countries much more dangerous than Iraq. But USA is to coward to attack them, like Iran or North Korea. Iraq was not a real danger. Everybody knows that.

Wake up idiot, the ILLEGAL INVASION of Iraq was a personal vendetta of bushit family against Hussein. That game cost to the US rednecks a piles of money and almost 1 million human lives!

The invasion is illegal because the UN doesn't approved it. There exist something named International Law with was violated by the war criminal Bushit.

Mexico sell drugs to the US Nation of Junkies. You live in the country which demands more drugs in hole word. :P Are you one of that junkies? Cause most of your presidents smoke at least pot. US is a double standard society.

You are another Fox News Zombie. You must acquire quality information and not that crap.

ginnypub said...

This whole post is pretty bizarre. "Holy shoe"?
You were kind enough to explain that wielding a shoe is a great insult in the Arabic world. So what? In the U.S., it isn't an insult. Where President Bush (you know, the man responsible for liberating millions of Muslims from backward-thinking dictators) comes from, a grown man throwing his shoes at another grown man would be laughed at and probably called something like a 'cowardly little chicken shit'. Which may explain why President Bush was so amused at the whole encounter.

An Italian. said...

@ Dr. Mohammed.

Yeah, OK, Doctor Mohammed, possibly you felt that giving space to VERMIN (such as this latest 'Bewildered', aka 'Strikerdad', one of those common criminals; or to 'anand', the foules abomination) was a good idea.

But, since these monsters murder civilians in Gaza, DO please reconsider!!!

Dr.Mohammed said...

OK, I'm sorry I've been away for some time because I was a bit busy with few things..
B will derd...first of all you live on the other side of the earth, more than 13 hours flight and you have never been in the middle east let alone Iraq but still you are talking and pretending that you know things better than Iraqis! for a reason that you haven't mentioned!!! you look down at Iraqis and don't respect them and when Indigo (which is British) disagreed with you, you supposed that she is Iraqi, why is that? because you don't respect Iraqis and you think they don't know anything while you know everything!!! you are so superficial because you judge people by their nationality...I strongly believe you haven't been forced to visit this blog or any other Iraqi blog so why do you visit them when you think they don't tell the truth? do you want the fame by being different because in real life nobody listens to you? I respect others opinion even if I believe they are wrong but I never underestimate them...I publish comments that I don't agree with what's in it because we want discussion here, we don't want disrespect...if you don't agree with my opinion that's fine but I wish you had to live in Iraq and then I'd like to see what your opinion will be?

An Italian
thank you for the advice but let me clear my opinion....When people speak you will know whether they are fools or wise...if they tell stupid things then it means they are stupid, it will not effect a hair of me or anyone else but it will effect them (when I said fools I didn't mean any one in particular) everybody have an opinion and when you listen to everybody's opinions you will know why the world is in such a mess...

I'd like to make some things clear although I said it in the post but some people prefer to read what they want to attack and skip the rest...throwing a shoe is something wrong and everybody knows that...but sometimes the wrong things are justified and somehow acceptable; why do we read Robin Hood to our kids and even in schools, why is it such a famous story and so many people loves it? Isn't Robin Hood a thief? Yes, he is but...it's pretty much the same as the case of the Shoe throwing...Was that clear?
Bush will not cry when he return home and he will never thinks that they don't love me in Iraq, hell no...he did what he want despite the disagreement of most of the world (at least now) he signed the deal and everything is good for him...but it means something for the Iraqis and the Americans as well that Bush was thrown with a shoe...many Americans and Iraqis died because of him and please don't tell me it was to liberate Iraq or because Iraq is a danger on the national security of the US...why don't US liberate hundreds of countries that needs liberation? let's say Algeria or the so many troubled African countries? because they have nothing that the US benefits from, why didn't the US attacked Iran or North Korea as Ontobelli said...this man is a criminal and when I say US I don't mean the Americans but I mean their leadership that Bush is its head....BTW, there are thousands of Americans who were happy to see the event but I don't know why I don't get anyone of them here!

B Will Derd said...

Dr. Mohammed--- Iraqis have given me little reason to think they have a unified voice or that they, as a group, have any better understanding of their own fates than anyone else in the world. As a nation, Iraq has proven itself to be pretty clueless. As individuals I find them no more or less insightful than any other individuals. I read the blogs to find out what those individuals think in order to try to gain some insight into the group to which they belong, but those who have been there tell me that Iraqi bloggers are hardly representative of the Iraqi people as a whole--- which gives me hope.

I occasionally engage Iraqi bloggers forcefully because that is when they more often tell the truth instead of hiding behind feigned politeness. There are few things more vicious than Arabs politely eviscerating one another.

Can you acknowledge that the disaster that has been Iraq for decades is at least to some degree because of some failings of Iraqi society and its underpinnings which go beyond the borders of Iraq, or is it ALL the fault of one US President or another? Don't make the mistake of thinking Bush was the reason for our nations having been at conflict. That makes it too easy to discount as the actions of a 'stupid' or 'evil' man, or that the cause has its roots in a family's honor as some idiots would try to claim. Consider that perhaps Iraq played a part. American actions in Iraq have been naive, I think, but the failure of Iraqi society made action necessary. Unless or until that is commonly realized in Iraq, Iraq will continue to petulantly self destruct. So much human potential wasted to pseudo pride.

My asking if Indigo was Iraqi was rhetorical since she displayed a common trait-- the refusal to consider that perhaps the US is not the sole cause of all ills and that, perhaps, Iraqi society holds some culpability for its continual dysfunction. For instance, asking why the US attacked Iraq? Do you truly not know? Do you really think it is cowardice? Do you truly not understand the difference between Iraq and the other examples of dysfunctional states you cited?

Finally, when Bush made it clear that war was to come as long as Saddam remained, did you or ANYONE you know even entertain the thought that perhaps it was time for Iraqis to rid themselves of the regime? Or, did you choose to take what America brought, hide behind our soldiers and then blame them for the self destruction as tribe, sect, and family selfishly sought to put each above the other as is the tradition ?

B Will Derd said...

BTW... if the 'event' many Americans were happy to see was the shoe throwing incident, I can't say I was happy, but I was hardly insulted or upset by it. I thought it the perfect end to the whole fiasco. America got what it came for, a treaty with a democratically elected government in the center of the Middle East. Arabs choose to celebrate another pointless and ineffectual childish act, this one by what passes for a 'professional' journalist in their midst. What could be more fitting? At least we commemorated an important day together, though our reasons could have hardly been more different. Those differences say much.

Lynnette In Minnesota said...

BTW, there are thousands of Americans who were happy to see the event but I don't know why I don't get anyone of them here!

Scroll back up and read "Write Dreamer" and "Anthony". They seemed rather supportive, Mohammed. *shrug* As for me, it was what it was. Al-Zaidi used his shoes to make a statement. So he will live with whatever consequences that come his way. President Bush will go on with trying to fix the economy. The Israelis and Palestinians will continue to fight. Global warming will continue to be one of the greatest threats to mankind. And people will continue not to notice...

Indigo said...

Although this is an Iraqi blog, please could I say here how angry and sad I am about Israel's murdering of Palestinians and especially during the last four days - the worst violence perpetrated by Israel since 1967. The pictures of traumatised and bleeding children, weeping and terrified old people, civilians being dug out of bombed buildings will stay with me forever.

The Israel experiment has been a total failure: 50 years ago, a group of asylum seekers were "exported" to a small country in the Middle East, given arms (and the US continues to arm Israel free, gratis and for nothing) and more rights than the people who were already living there. The ancestors of the asylum seekers had not been in that country since Roman times, if then, but because of their interpretation of some things written in the Bible - and backed up by stupid ignorant people and governments in America - they taught themselves to believe that it was their God-given right to occupy whatever land took their fancy and treat the original inhabitants with the utmost inhumanity. Today, these asylum seekers and their descendants treat the original people of Palestine with the same criminal ferocity as the Nazis treated the asylum seekers but - it has to be said - this military action by Israel against Palestinian civilians would be impossible without the support of and arms supplied by the USA which thinks it is OK to bomb brown people indiscriminately. Israel should be undone as a separate country: the descendants of the original asylum seekers have utterly forfeited all respect, all right to a separate homeland, and betrayed the whole of humanity.

My guess is that Israel is unleashing Hell on Palestine this week because they have realised that in a few weeks' time President elect Obama might veto any more free weapons for Israel. Israel is a pariah state.

Please God, avenge the innocents and abolish Israel.

Indigo said...

Americans and Israelis should Google "Al Nakba".

The barbarism, hypocrisy and lies perpetrated by Israel disqualify it, in my view, from being a separate state. The experiment has been a failure and so should be unwound.

programmer craig said...

you look down at Iraqis and don't respect them and when Indigo (which is British) disagreed with you, you supposed that she is Iraqi, why is that?

With all due respect, Doctor Mohammed, Indigo is NOT British. She may live in the UK but she grew up someplace else. She knows less about Britain's history than any 12 year old AMERICAN learns in school.

If she wants to continue misrepresenting herself on blogs, that is her business but you shouldn't vouch for her.

Dr.Mohammed said...

B will derd,
as you said, you try to gain insights to the group I belong through reading my writings, well,I think I belong to a group that you might not heard of specially in the past few years because the vast majority of my society slice are out of Iraq and that's one of the reasons you read the slogan "A stranger in his own country"...I don't belong to Sunnis or Shiites...I don't belong to any party or a militia or even support them...and by the way you spoke I supposed this post is the first post you read in my blog otherwise you wouldn't ask many of the questions.
and if you believe that if I don't represent Iraqis for the good of Iraqis then I think you want the worst for Iraqis (also I would say read the rest of my blog) unless you think Iraqis should be slaves to the US and agree with everything they do!! I'm not the kind that says let's fight the US out of Iraq but I say let's unite and built our country so that US have nothing to do here, I really don't hate American people in fact I like many of them but I don't want to see them ruling my country because it's not theirs and I don't say they should leave now, it's still early they should wait and clean the mess they started...I say let's unite specially the educated and effective people in the Iraqi society and the rest will follow and even if some will not follow they will be lost.
Of course the disaster is not because of the US alone...of course there are many wrong things in the Iraqi society which is a consequence of the revolutions and the leaderships along with so many many things (I'll need books to tell all the reasons like Dr.Ali Alwardi's books) and one of the main causes of the destruction of the Iraqi society is the former regiment and the impact of Iran.
Of course I know why US chose Iraq and I said it many times before... the main things are...holding a strategic position...controlling one of the main and largest oil reservoirs...making Iran think twice before doing anything since the US is besides it since Iran is much harder to attack than the vulnerable Iraq because of the grudge of the majority in Iraq against their regiment...those are the main causes why US chose Iraq over the rest of the countries that needs "liberation" ...I'm not saying they (US administration) didn't want to make democracy and freedom in Iraq that serves them pretty well but the job was so much harder than they though because they haven't studied the nature of the Iraqi society very well, otherwise many of the actions would have been different.
The time for getting rid of the regiment was long time before 2003 but couldn't the US with all the fancy technologies and with one the smart missiles killed Saddam and with the help of the thousands of the US Spies turn the things! it's just a thought.
I'll tell you again what it looks like...if you are Jew and you saw Hitler being thrown with a shoe by the hand of a Jew wouldn't you be happy? I'm not against or with the treaty and I really don't care and I haven't wrote anything particular about it because it will be signed one way or another and that's just a sign that Iraq isn't free in fact it is under total control of the US...the fuss was mainly about giving the US soldiers immunity!!! aren't they immune already?

Anand said...

Ukhti Rachel/Indigo, I know you are upset and saddened understandably about Gaza right now. For this reason, perhaps you go too far. Both Israel and the Palestinians deserve free and prosperous states.

Can't you love both of them and want both of them to succeed?

Israel has made many severe mistakes that have greatly contributed to the suffering of Palestinians.

Hamas in 2006 supported the scum Zarkawi.

Let us pray that peace comes to that land soon, inshallah.

Indigo said...

Programmer Craig: I am British - it says so here, on my passport - and born of British parents.

I was born and brought up in East Africa, and have lived in Arab countries, which happily makes me comfortable with and respectful of other cultures - especially Arab culture.

Lynnette In Minnesota said...

The time for getting rid of the regiment was long time before 2003 but couldn't the US with all the fancy technologies and with one the smart missiles killed Saddam and with the help of the thousands of the US Spies turn the things!

First you need the will to actually do something. The United States is a democracy, and if you don't have the American people on your side, a President will find it difficult to act. Unless, of course, he is unconcerned about having a second term. President Clinton had a chance to back an overthrow attempt suggested by the Kurds back in the '90's. He chose not to. As to the surgical strike on Saddam you suggested, they did try that early on in 2003 before the actual invasion. Unfortunately that is easier said than done. Saddam had already left the building. Actually, I think they tried twice. Missed both times. Gotta have real time intelligence for that, and apparently they didn't.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Mohammed,

Please ignore people like B Will Derd. You represent most educated Iraqis. I felt so sad when you wrote "the vast majority of my society slice are out of Iraq". I hope one day they will return because that is what they want, like you they do not want to feel "A stranger in their own country" or an exile in another country. The country needs to be restored to it's former glory.

Um Ayad

Anonymous said...

programmer craig,

You are so wrong. I can confirm Indigo is definitely British. I think you owe her an apology for saying she is "misrepresenting herself on blogs".

B Will Derd,

You should do as Dr. Mohammed tells you and read the rest of his blog. Your comments show your complete ignorance about him, the Iraqi people and their history. But that is typical of so many Americans who put comments on blogs.
No country wants to be invaded and occupied. We all know why America is there and wants to keep their bases!!! Please stop trying to brainwash us. Your propaganda will not work.

Um Ayad

programmer craig said...

I was born and brought up in East Africa...

Did you come up with that before or after people started questioning your obvious lack of knowledge about the UK?

and have lived in Arab countries, which happily makes me comfortable with and respectful of other cultures - especially Arab culture.

But, not your own supposedly "British" culture, I take it? Can't the fact that you are more respectful towards "especially Arab" culture than you are to British culture be construed as additional evidence that you aren't actually British?

And, Dr. M, I apologize of you feel I am being too rude to this person, but she's got quite a track history of being very abusive herself so in my opinion she deserves no better than she gives.

charity said...

Dr. Mohammed-

Love to you , your wife, and your beautiful little one. Thank you for your thoughtful blog.

Respectfully, I must say to Americans writing in response...We can't have any idea what this kind Dr. or any of the people in Iraq are experiencing. We are nobody to undermine, argue, insult, belittle, or invalidate Dr. Mohammed's viewpoints or experiences.

George Bush is not some innocent, ignorant, well-meaning guy, C.H... I'm appalled that you would even suggest this to Dr. Mohammed, who has spent time educating us on the terrible earth shattering consequences of the Bush Administration's illegal war. He isn't well-meaning, he doesn't care about the Iraqi people! If he did, why in the world did he have our military drop all of those bombs on neighborhoods? Bush is a rich oil tycoon that cares about only one thing, and that is obviously money. He doesn't care about you, me, Americans, Iraqis, or anyone else. If he did, millions of Iraqi children would not be orphaned right now, and Dr. Mohammed and his lovely wife wouldn't be in a life threatening situation. The United States government has access to the brightest minds in the world, and when Bush was faced with the dilemma of whether or not to go to war, even though the inspectors in Iraq,and millions of people around the world begged him not to, he jumped on that war with a hard on because that is the kind of guy that he is. He is an oil tycoon, and he saw the chance to take out Saddam and make a lot of f#%^$%^$ money in the process, even though that meant death to millions.

B Will Derd, you obviously spend too much time listening to Rush and other backwards ass American propaganda slicksters, to think that this war had any positive effect on the democratic process in Iraq. How in the hell can you assert that the Iraqi people don't want unity and peace? Are you really that brainwashed, to think that it has been in THEIR hands? Do you really think that in a country that is torn by war for, literally, decades, the society would ever even have a decent shake at unification? It's not that the people really don't want it, but it's a little hard to be unified if you don't know who will be trying to kill you next. You need to show some respect to Dr. Mohammed and stop commenting on his blog with this outrageous crap. Bush committed every human rights violation in existence with this war, pompously, and without apology. He is a criminal, and I am sure he will get what is coming to him.

Americans- Stop acting so damn self-righteous! most of us have no idea what it would be like to even see one person shot dead, much less to see bombs dropping on houses of friends only a few blocks over, to not have electricity or water or food, to experience threats to our lives by people that really mean to kill us daily, or to see truckloads of dead people being hauled to one place or another. We have no idea. Our self-righteous attitude is appalling and disgusting.

Bush didn't have the American people on his side when he decided to take over a million of our young people over to Iraq to kill millions of their young people,Lynette, so he and his minions developed false statements to feed us fear of being killed in mass numbers by Saddam, to justify what is in no moral universe justifiable. Bush is an evil tool, and I really hope he can experience a world of hurt one day. They could have taken out Saddam Hussein, they didn't need to cause irreparable harm to the entire Iraqi population.

Are Americans so ignorant that we think that somehow, SOMEHOW, all of this is still able to be justified? How dare any of you even suggest this to this kind Dr, when he has a family to protect and is afraid for their lives? God told us THOU SHALT NOT KILL. What does that mean? Does it mean THOU SHALT NOT KILL, UNLESS THERE ARE TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO BE MADE AND LAND TO OVERTAKE? AARGH, you guys.

Muntathar AlZaidi showed his grief. He is not immature, he is grieving. Again, it is so disturbing that Americans can look at his actions and dismiss them as being immature or ignorant. He took a chance of being killed and tortured to death, (You know the Bush administration approves of extreme torture methods, right C.H.?) To tell Bush what maybe over a billion people want to tell him....That the widows and orphans that cannot defend themselves, cannot have the opportunity to show Bush what his greed and violent attitude have done to them. AlZaidi was not acting out of stupidity, he was acting out of true righteousness, and he should be recovered and protected. Iraqi Journalists are targeted for death anyway, he very possibly gave his life so that the widows and orphans could have a voice. Now THAT is a MAN...

Dr. Mohammed, I understand if you would not like to post this long rambling note, I hope you and your wife are well, and if I read your blog correctly, and you have a little one coming, Good fortune to you all, I hope your wife has an easy delivery and that your baby is healthy and lively, with such a gentle but strong spirit as has never been seen.

I would like to help in any way that I can, and if you would like to email me about anything that we can do to help your family, please do.
Love to you and yours, today and always.

Rev. Charity Shanks

Anand said...


Anyone who cares about Iraq whether Iraq or nonIraqi has the write to speak about Iraq, including Americans.

How in any way could President Bush benefit financially from an invasion of Iraq? He can't. The reason America went to war in Iraq is that Pres Bush wanted revenge on Saddam for trying to kill his Dad and Laura in 1993.

What does oil have to do with it?

1) Do you think the war was about the price of oil? How so?
2) Do you think the war was about energy extraction industries? Then I would tell you that you are naive. In 2002 and early 2003 it was widely expected that Chinese HQed multinationals would win a plurality of energy contracts if Saddam was overthrown. This is in fact what is happening.
3) Do you think the war was depriving Saddam of Oil revenues. Obviously. Saddam tried to kill Bush's Dad. In any case, I think the world and Iraqis are better off that an elected GoI (elected in UN run elections) gets to decide how to spend oil revenues, rather than Saddam (who I think we can all agree was one of the most evil homosapiens ever born in our species.)

During Saddam's era Iraq was a concentration camp on top of a mass grave that Saddam kept filling with freshly killed Iraqis.

Charity, as you know the Iraqi civil war began in 1975 or 1980. That war is only now starting to end. Over a million Iraqis have died in this long civil war. Let us pray that the current pause in violence represents the end of that civil war. The Iraqi people have bravely fought Saddam and his fellow evil doers with everything they have got since at least 1980. They deserve peace and joy.

Angel said...

Hi Dr. M,

Glad to see you're OK. Just a comment on the shoe throwing, and the reaction of the Americans.

For those who PUBLICLY ridicule another culture's customs: You are rude, crude and as unrefined as OIL.

An Italian. said...

Dear Mohammed,

yes, I do hope that most of your readers (especially the non-American ones) are able to see through the poisonous, subhuman propaganda posted here by these warmongering vermin.

As your brothers-in-law know only too well, Rachel/Indigo is 100% English.
The fact is that this slanderous vermin 'Programmer Craig' knows that as well: possibly the simian idiotic Liar Craig did not understand that your brothers-in-law are Zeyad and Nabil, and so hoped to be able to fool you!
This Ape Craig is one of the murderous US Marines.
In 1983 the international organisation to which your present PM al-Maliki then belonged, al-Dawa International, rightly blew up the US Embassy in Beyruth, toasting about 250 US Marines (as beastly and murderous as Craig is) in such a way that not even worms were able to eat their carcasses.
Since then, Craig has developed a murderous hatred for all Muslims and Arabs.

As for this repulsive Snakeworm Anand, one has to say that the lying Ape Craig is honest by comparison (LOL!!!).
This nauseating abomination has the cheek to fake that he 'cares for Iraq' (LOL!!!), while he hates all Muslims and all Arabs, and supports the current Israeli mass-murder in Gaza.
You cannot be fooled by 'anand' anymore, dear Mohammed, but there can be foolish readers who can...

Anand said...

Dr. Mohammed, I hope it is okay to leave a message for Angel.

Angel, good to see you again ;-) I hope you and your family, including your Mom, are well. Why did you cancel your blog?

Italian, I am surprised to read your allegation of Al Dawa involvement in bombing the U.S. embassy in Western Beirut on April 18, 1983. As we all know PM Maliki and Al Dawa were (and still are for that matter) close allies of Hezbollah in 1983 and might have materially aided them. But why would Al Dawa risk blowing up the US embassy?

Wise Italian brother, if you don't mind my asking . . . what was your perspective on the Multinational Force in Lebanon (also called MNF-- the international peacekeeping force created in 1982 and sent to Lebanon to oversee the withdrawal of the Palestine Liberation Organization)? The participants in the MNF included contingents of US, French, Italian and British soldiers.

B Will Derd said...


Thank you for the response. I reread what I wrote and saw little space devoted to criticism of you personally, and I regret if I gave that impression. I have read your blog in the past and have spent some time recently making myself more familiar with your efforts. My criticisms were of Iraqi bloggers in general, but I did find that some of that criticism would apply here as well. I still see little introspection, little time spent by Iraqis in an effort to see what, if anything, they did in the past and present as a nation that brings them to their current fate. George Bush did not cause the collapse of Iraqi society. He did not magically transform the Iraqi people from cultured sophisticates into selfish vindictive, petulant destroyers. Of course, I acknowledge that only describes some portion of the population, but the rest, perhaps the majority, were culpable by their acquiescence. Those who wanted some version of freedom and a liberal society waited for it to be delivered. When and where has that EVER happened? That is generally true of Iraqis before Saddam's removal, and true of them post removal. However, there are many doing brave and heroic things for the sake of the Iraq we all hope for, and I admire them greatly. Those who won't acknowledge them, or discredit them because there is corruption, does the nation of Iraq a disservice. Where there is government, there is corruption somewhere. That is true of all nations and all forms of government. The best we can hope for is that those within the nation are united in one thing: a respect for individual rights and the willingness to risk all to preserve those rights. Such a society comes at great cost just about everywhere it's been tried, but most who achieve it judge it worthwhile. Will Iraq, someday? I think so and I think it will come sooner than most imagine possible.

An Italian. said...

Dear Mohammed,

this repulsive Snakeworm 'Anand' is a compulsive liar, and readers should be protected from his grotesque lies.

The bombing of the US Embassy in Beyrouth in April 1983 was NOT an action conducted by Hizbullah, for the very simple reason that in April 1983 Hizbullah did NOT exist, yet.

The successful action was the work of al-Dawa International, an inter-Arab organisation founded by the Iraqi al-Dawa party, among others (on Iranian suggestion), to gather and organise Shiite fundamentalists from different countries.

It is suspected that at least some of the founding members of Hizbullah had been members of al-Dawa International earlier on, but it is not proved.

When al-Dawa International successfully carried out the bombing of the US Embassy, getting rid of the 250 US Marine scumbags, your present PM al-Maliki was a prominent member of that same organisation, as I stated.

But you'd be wrong to think that our warmongering liars caught in rather silly and useless lies, such as now this mix between a poisonous snake and a parasite worm, the nauseating 'Anand', would disappear out of shame: they have NO shame, dear Mohammed!!!

Anand said...

Thanks for caring about Iraq Derd. I think that the vast majority of Iraqis would say that a large part of Iraq's problems derive from Iraq's enemies (neighbors) and some internal challenges. But they would also say that President Bush's stupidity, lack of understanding, and slow learning curve also contributed to Iraq's suffering. Can you believe that President Bush didn't even seriously start training Iraq's army and police until June, 2004? Even then the IA and IP were seriously underfunded for many years. Many Iraqis died and have suffered because of this mistake. Iraqis are understandably miffed at Bush's stupidity.

Bush made many other mistakes too, before finally selecting Gen Petraeus and "LISTENING TO HIM."

I think this is a major part of why so many are so upset with President Bush.

I could go on for days about President Bush's many imperfections . . . but I won't put all of you to sleep. :lol:

An Italian. said...

@ Mohammed.

Sorry, dear Mohammed: now I see that I conflated two different episodes (but both organised by the same international organisation al-Maliki was a member of at the time): the bombing of the US Embassy in Beyrouth in April 1983 (where the whole CIA section for the Middle East was wiped out), and the bombing of the barracks of the US military in October of the same year.
The cover name used by the pro-Iranian international network known as al-Dawa International to claim responsibility was 'Islamic Jihad'.
As for Hizbullah, it was founded only in 1985.

Anand said...

al-Dawa International members did not rename themselves Hezbollah later on? :lol:

OK. Well, Italian brother, if Maliki was complicit in the 1983 attacks in Lebonan (as one of Al Dawa's primary Syrian representatives), then I think it is a good thing that Al Dawa and America have reconciled. I hope for better relations between America, Iran, and Iran's allies including Hezbollah. We all share a common enemy in the Takfiri. We Americans made a mistake in supporting Saddam against Khomeini in the 1980s. I think that we as Americans should apologize profusely for this mistake. {I remember Reagan defending his support for Saddam against Khomeini in 1991 on Larry King Live. I disagree strongly with Reagan. Perhaps akhi Italian will agree with me on this.}

I think an alliance between Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Russia, India, NATO, and other countries would be awesome. If China could be persuaded to join that would be better still. The Takfiri would really shake in their boots then.

Friend Italian, what was your view of the MNF (Italian, US, UK, French) in Lebanon in 1983?

C.H. said...


How dare you make such outrageous assumptions. Every time some terrorist straps on a bomb and mass murders innocent civilians, and thus orhpans dozens of children, is it fair to use that as an example to say Bush does not care about Iraqis? The man sacrificed his presidency to defeat such scumbags and prevent that from happening in Iraq.

Also, it seems as if you are suggesting that if it wasn't for the removal of Saddam, everything would be fine in Iraq. If such is the case, shame on you, I have friends who live(d) in southern Iraq and they would beg to differ that Saddam Hussein somehow had the interests of the Iraqi people at heart. Many in that part of the country had money stolen by the Baathists, had family members, assassinated, and lived in squalid conditions, thanks in part to the sanctions that Saddam used to further his campaign of genocide against his own people.

Angel said...

"The man sacrificed his presidency"

You've got to be joking? Or worse still, you think your statement is true.

Feed that lie to the parents of all the dead children. Dead from DU over the years and, dead from OIL.

Please forgive me Dr. M. but the statement is BULLSHIT

B Will Derd said...


Yes, I know the majority of Iraqis would blame neighbors, etc. But is there an Iraqi who publicly acknowledges that Iraq has been a dysfunctional state and bad actor and brought all, much, or some part of their own misfortune?

I agree, Bush was naive. He was stubbornly loyal to people and tactics long after loyalty made sense. He was foolishly idealistic. But, only a man who was all those things would have ever embarked and stayed upon a mission to overthrow Saddam and build democratically elected, constitutional government in his place. That was just insane, wasn't it? I thought so from the beginning an kept expecting a US allied tyrant (Allawi?) would be installed. Yet, we are on the verge of genuine success, although far from perfect. But the fact that has come at all is mind boggling for me.

What continues to elude me is the reasoning that Iraq would have had a future and present that didn't involve war, civil or otherwise, regardless of what Bush did. If Saddam were still in place, there would still be a continuing civil war, just without as many pictures and stories on the front pages. Kurds, unruly Shia, uncooperative Sunnis and others would still be filling graves, though they wouldn't be separate and they wouldn't be marked. Iraq would be furiously seeking nuclear weapons ahead of Iran. Iraq would be supporting terrorist acts within and without their borders. Sure, many Iraqis and their sycophants, especially those who blog today, would have been willfully ignorant of the atrocities that bought their 'peaceful' lives, but eventually a bill was going to come due. Let's hope the bill for past acts and a better future has been paid in full and Iraqis will appreciate and enjoy the worth, someday. If the don't, they will lose it.

riverScrap.com said...

Just thought you might be interested in what I wrote about the shoe-throwing...


Basically, I felt it was bad that a simple SHOE gets so much media attention, whereas the deaths of many brave Iraqi policemen on the same day was totally ignored (by both Western & Arab media). It's just a shoe!

I also don't think it was an appropriate way for a journalist to behave. He should have communicated his anger in his reporting rather than crudely chucking a shoe.

Nonetheless, I understand why he did it. And I completely understand why lots of Iraqis and Arabs are happy about it. I hope that the Iraqi legal system treats Mr Al-Zaidi fairly, and ideally I hope Mr Bush personally seeks assurances from your government that the journalist will not be harmed.

Anonymous said...

This Ape Craig is one of the murderous US Marines.
In 1983 the international organisation to which your present PM al-Maliki then belonged, al-Dawa International, rightly blew up the US Embassy in Beyruth, toasting about 250 US Marines (as beastly and murderous as Craig is) in such a way that not even worms were able to eat their carcasses.

This comment is a disgrace. There is NO perfect military out there. In every aspect you will find that there are members who are a disgrace. But to make it out that on group is all like that is wrong. Then to add to the insult of the word you use to describe the bombing in 1983.... well my "An Italian" friend I think I would love the chance to throw a shoe at you.

"Time for change is here"