Tuesday, December 18, 2007


The most painful feeling you can have is when you see your neighborhood on the verge of destruction, the deepest sorrow is when you watch the place where you lived all you life and where you dreamed to live being raped by criminals! When you watch the situation in your neighborhood deteriorates and there is nothing you can do, that's the real pain and that's where it's more than enough.
Controlling the emotions and the rage is becoming hard day after day as the destruction and terrorism crawls closer to me.
Yesterday was one of the bloodiest days I have ever witnessed (By my self), I was going back home from work, I was driving my car in my neighborhood streets while listening to the radio, as I was two blocks away from my home, I noticed children running scared from a side street and my neighbors are rushing into that same street, I stepped on the peddle to see what was happening, the radio was a bit loud so I couldn't hear anything so I turned it off and I heard gunshots, they were close, so so close. I reached the side street and I saw the most horrible thing a man can see, there was a car (Kia minivan) escaping and two men shooting at us from it, half of their body was out of the window and they were shooting at us (me and the neighbors) and there were two men on the side walk, drowned in their blood, I wanted to follow them but then I remembered I don't have a gun or any weapon what will I do? in addition to that they were shooting, that means I'll be shot before I reach them, so I decided to go the wounded men and try to help them, at this time the minivan managed to escape, I stepped out of the car and ran to them, one of them was shot in the head and the chest, it was a sure thing that he's dead, the other one wasn't dead yet, he had several shots in his chest and abdomen, I tried to carry him and he was making that terrible voice, he was in the agony of death; struggling and coughing blood, I knew he will die within seconds, so I gently placed him on the pavement; I didn't want him to die in my arms, at this time all the neighbors were out in the street, one of them went to call the national guards from their checkpoint, another one called an ambulance to take the dead bodies. Every one was shocked, this is the first time that such things happen in our neighborhood, every one had tearful eyes, I was in shock and really angry, there was a kid screaming " I saw them, they were carrying the two men in the car then they pushed them out and killed them, then they escaped" few minutes later the national guards arrived to the scene and they forced us to get away so I don't know what happened later, I went home. They weren't from the neighborhood so we couldn't know who they are or why they were killed, but one of them was wearing a gray shirt, he might, just might be in the Adamyia's awakening! And was kidnapped by AQ and killed in my neighborhood, no one knows for sure till this moment who were those two dead men, but whatever, they were two human beings that were killed two blocks away from my home and right in front of me. And as usual nothing was mentioned in the news, they said that 30 unidentified dead body were found in Baghdad.
As I reached home, I was very sad, angry and afraid. I was so depressed. Many things were circling in my head, one of these things is a decision I made to leave Iraq as soon as possible, I'm thinking seriously about that.
A few hours before that incident there was an attempt to assassinate the chair man of Baghdad's health office in my neighborhood also, it wasn't successful
Later that day there were three explosions, two were very close and one was a bit far, I couldn't know were they were.
At that night the door bell rang, it was a very dangerous and strange thing to hear the door bell rings at 9p.m.
They were the national guards, they wanted to search the house, it was the first time the national guards search my house, they were polite but not very friendly. I told their officer "please, take good care of this neighborhood, we don't want it to be ruined" he told me" why, what happened?" I laughed and said "Haven't you heard about the two dead men" he said "NO", I laughed to my self and though, if he didn't know that two men were killed in the street that he is searching then how would he be able to protect us?
Everything was smooth and they left after they completed searching the house, now the image is beginning to complete, the militias and AQ from the surrounding districts are crawling to our neighborhood as it hasn't been controlled by anyone till this moment, so I think there will be a bloody confrontations between the Shiite and Sunni militias for the control of this neighborhood specially if we know it's a mixed neighborhood.
It's clear that the safe areas are becoming dangerous. And there's another thing that concerns me, tomorrow is the Islamic holiday "Eid" and there is a strong rumor that there will be 50 explosive cars during the four days of Eid, I wish it's just a rumor and nothing will happen, I wish; but not all what I wish I can get!


Nadia said...

Dear Mohammed I wish too that it is only a bad rumor.

Mohammed would it be okey with you if I copied your last post and sent it to a Swedish politisan who the last month have been known for his views that Iraqi refugees should be sent back to Iraq? I have some things I want to tell him and ending the letter with a link to your blog and a copy of your last post would help him realize how difficult life is in Iraq these days. That Iraqis are fleeing for their lives.

Hope its okey with you, please let me know. I'll stop by tomorror and read your reply.

Take Care my all the safe angels be with you and your family.

RhusLancia said...

Jeez Mohammed. I hope your neighborhood becomes safe again.

Do you know how the minivan could go from neighborhhod to neighborhood? Or is it possible it was local? Do the ING take reports or statements from witnesses at scenes like this?

Stay safe, man.

Mohammed said...

Sure you can copy my post, I'll be glad to help any Iraqi, even if it was only with my writings.

Anonymous said...

I found a boy with his arms blown off in Tal Afar. He was playing with a grenade he found, and it exploded. It killed his friend. The boy's father was trying to bring his son an hour and a half away to a hospital in Mosul. He said he would be shot if he went to the hospital 15 minutes away in Tal Afar, being a Sunni. We called in a helicopter, which brought them safely into Mosul.

That was in 2006. Tal Afar was bad. In 2008, Tal Afar has been quiet. It didn't seem like it would ever get to that point when I was there.

Same goes for Ramadi. I was there too. It was a horrible place. Women, children being shot in their homes. Bodies floating in the Tigris. Recently the local sheikhs got together, and the area is actually getting peaceful again. Thank God.

Baghdad and the surrounding cities within its vicinity remain the most turbulent and dangerous in the country. But it will change. The point is - leave until it does. Stay out of the way of the terrorists and the Army. If there are no townspeople, the terrorists can't hide. The terrorists will try to stop everyone from leaving, however.

Mohammed, how possible is it for you to get away from Baghdad safely? Are people very skeptical of strangers coming in from different towns? Can you get in touch with friends who live somewhere else? When I drove in a convoy from Tal Afar to Ramadi last year, I didn't notice much civilian traffic on the highways - just semi trucks. Is it even possible to drive long distances in a car?

What do you need me to do? I'd live with you if I could, but I don't know how much help I would be.

Also, you have a weapon, right? Does your wife know how to shoot?


Anonymous said...

Mohammed, I think you should leave Iraq. The Western media here is full of reports saying how the "surge" is working and how "stability" is coming to Iraq.
There are also media reports stating that the British have been successful in Basra which is now "very peaceful". I watched a video just a while ago made by a British journalist team on the militia takeover of Basra and what is happening to women there. This however, has not been repeated in the mainstream media.
I fear things will only continue to worsen, (if that is possible).

DA in LA said...

I want to say something, but what can one say?

I hope you stay safe and your neighborhood is not the next one to fall to violence.

LJM said...

What a dreadful experience, Mohammed.I can only imagine how frightening it was for you. I'm glad you kept a cool head and did the best you could for the two men who were shot. You've made a very good point about Eid. Perhaps Iraq needs to take the same precautions it took during the soccer match last summer. They may have to resort to curfews again. It's better safe than sorry. Angels on your pillow so you can have a good night's sleep.

Jeffrey said...

All Iraqis should go back home. Build a new Iraq. This is a test of your patriotism and courage. A lot of Iraqis are currently working towards peace. But, to be sure, there are pockets of extremists on both sides of the sectarian divide and outside influences (from Iran and Saudi Arabia, for example) who would like nothing better than that Iraqis continue to kill each other. This is an existential moment for Iraq. All nations have gone through this. Personally, I think Iraqis will continue pulling together, but I could be wrong.


Jeffrey said...


One more point. Terrible that you had to witness that, but understand that at one time Adhamiya was the home of AQI. AQI must be very angry with the people of your neighbhorhood for not enjoying their reign of tyranny.

Yes, it's possible that those two guys were part of the Adhamiya Awakening and AQI was using them as a warning. This is a tactic they've done for years now in Iraq. I don't think it's going to work now. It won't help those poor guys they captured, however. Stay strong. If you let AQI win, you can kiss Iraq goodbye forever.

We Americans lost more military during the last year of WWII -- August, 1944, to August, 1945 -- than any other year of the war. The fighting and carnage were horrific, but we kept fighting and eventually won in both the European and Pacific theaters of war, battling two very lethal militaries, the Germans and the Japanese (my father and uncles were scattered throughout both Europe and the Pacific islands).

This is a test. It's up to you and your fellow Iraqis (with our help, of course).


Indigo said...

Jeffrey, go and take a long walk off a short pier.

Jeffrey said...


In WWII the British kept fighting even when continental Europe had been overrun and defeated by the Nazis and it looked like just a matter of time before they too would be forced to surrender. Thank God that your parents' generation was more steadfast than you.

For the British, as for the Americans, WWII was moment of reckoning. Will you stand as one or crumble? Iraqis are going through a similar experience today. We can help them (as the Americans and British forces have done in Iraq for the last almost five years) but in the end the Iraqis must confront their past, work together in the present, and decide what kind of future they want for themselves and their children.


Nadia said...

Thank you Mohammed!

Mohammed said...

You are right about the people in other governments being skeptical of Iraqis from another government; it's kinda hard to live among them if you weren't from a tribe that controls that area. It's like this in most of the Iraqi government they really depend on the tribal system.
And I don't have a weapon now, I had an AK but it was stolen from us when we were threatened. That was when we went to give them the money. I carried it with me in the car and my father carried a pistol, as soon as we reached the meeting place there were a bunch of armed men who surrounded our car and pointed their AKs at us and said hand over your weapons, we weren't carrying them in our hands they were under our seats, but they took them from us.
Now I don't have a weapon for three reasons, first one I can't afford to buy one because it's relatively expensive for a civilian who have no connections (it costs about 800$) in addition to that It's hard to buy one and get it to your home, I don't want to take that risk, because if a checkpoint finds it, I'll be thrown in jail (if I have no connections), you see in Iraq if you don't have connections you can't do anything, and I don't want to have connections with such men, I hate them. The third reason is that I don't want the army to find a weapon in my home when they search it, because you can't know what kind of troubles you will be in.
And by the way, my wife is afraid to look at a fire weapon, how could she use it!

You are right, Basrah is very disturbed especially the women issue, I can't believe how could say that it's safe!

Da in la,
Thank you very much.

Thank you very much; I believe they should do that too.

Welcome back Jef. It has been a long time.
I want to tell you that what you say might be true if all the Iraqis wish the best for their countrymen and their country but the sad truth is; many of Iraqis in Iraq specially the ones who have the power doesn't care if Iraq burns in hell, they only care about their profit and control and the other sad thing is that Iraqis who wish the best for their country has been kicked out of it, threatened or killed.
And I want to tell you something if AQI and Almhday army were two men, you can be sure I'll eat them alive, I wish I could vanish them from the face of the earth, but the sad thing is I have nothing in my hands to stop them.
And my patriotism and love to my country has been proved very well, I stayed in Iraq in it's most dangerous times, I helped the poor people by treating them, that's the only thing I know how to do, every one should work in his career in the best way possible, I believe this is the way to rebuild Iraq, in addition I started blogging to tell the worl what is going on, I consider that a contribution in helping Iraqis and making their voice heard. but now my country doesn't want me or any of my kinds, because my country is controlled by fanatics and betrayers, people who are ready to kill any one who wants the best for Iraq which isn't the best for their interests.

jpangamarca said...

Mohammed, it's terrible, all the things you say that are happening there. I can't even imagine what it is like. You know, if I were you, I'd leave the country, but I don't know, seeing how things are, maybe one could get killed in the way out. I hope you're fine, man. Play it safe, and pray to your God, if you believe in one. I hope some day your country becomes a peaceful land, and all the people that love their country, like you, can live normal lives without the fear of getting killed in their own neighborhood or house, as impossible as it may seem. Let me know if you're okay, man. Good luck.

PS: I found your blog looking at this: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/talking_point/7069943.stm

mrs k said...

The situation in Iraq is not going to get any better for the forseable future. If anything it will be worse with indiscriminate killing continuing.

In this sort of situation it is best to flee and live to fight another day and in another way.

Go Now and go safely. Enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. K,

Realize you are obtaining your information from biased journalism (both conservative and liberal), so stop spewing their false reports.

You cannot generalize Iraq. You can't say that as a whole the situation keeps getting worse, because that would be a false conclusion. You haven't actually been there, have you?

Be careful not to lump each city, each town of Iraq, into one category. That just shows off your ignorance.

All isn't lost. The only reason you think so is because the terrorists have been using the media against the world - that's their specialty.

How? Because the media and it's slew of inexperienced journalists are always attracted to the "big stories." Violence in the hot spots is all you ever hear about. As long as the terrorists have the media's attention, there are more than enough suicidal dickheads to blow themselves up in front of a camera.

That's how the terrorists win, and people like you, without thinking, aid them with uneducated comments.

Terrorists need to be hunted down and exterminated.

And you know what sucks? The media is fueling the US Army pullout through our politicians, which will let a LOT of terrorist thugs and criminals get off scott-free. You think that's good for Iraq?


Jeffrey said...


And my patriotism and love to my country has been proved very well, I stayed in Iraq in it's most dangerous times, I helped the poor people by treating them, that's the only thing I know how to do, every one should work in his career in the best way possible, I believe this is the way to rebuild Iraq, in addition I started blogging to tell the worl what is going on, I consider that a contribution in helping Iraqis and making their voice heard. but now my country doesn't want me or any of my kinds, because my country is controlled by fanatics and betrayers, people who are ready to kill any one who wants the best for Iraq which isn't the best for their interests.

Well said. I would like to see more Iraqis with your kind of patriotism. I hope those Iraqis currently in college here in the States return to Iraq, as they say they want to, and help re-build Iraq.

Stay strong. Don't give up. Do NOT flee, as some here urge. It will get better. Even WWII came to an end. Hang in there, Mohammed.


Mark said...

Hi Mohammed my man,

I just hope you and your loved ones make it through all of this with your physical and mental health intact.

You wrote:

"And as usual nothing was mentioned in the news, they said that 30 unidentified dead body were found in Baghdad."

Those editors of the news must be on the same payroll! Here in the "Good Old USA," we're told how peaceful things are in Iraq now and how only America-hating Leftist "Hollyweird" Liberal "Moonbats" talk about the bad things that are happening. I guess that means you are a Leftist Communist Liberal "Hollyweird" Moonbat, too! Welcome to our happy little Cult!

Seriously though, I hope you get through this okay. These experiences cannot be good for your mental health. Writing about it is very important.

I haven't written for awhile so this is too long and silly and I should have probably emailed you instead; however, I just wanted, for the record, to tell you, if there is a God of Dentists, I'll pray to him/her/it for your protection and for the protection of your loved ones. You've opened my eyes to many things and you've done some great writing, even if you are a Liberal Crazy Hollyweird Moonbat.

Marcus said...


"you see in Iraq if you don't have connections you can't do anything, and I don't want to have connections with such men, I hate them."

That's an admirable and moral standpoint! The more people see things that way the less power militias and extremists will wield. And that can only be a good thing.

Marcus said...


"The only reason you think so is because the terrorists have been using the media against the world - that's their specialty."

Hmm. Using the media against the world to further their cause. Who are the real "specialists" in media control anyway? Would you say Bin Laden is more or less likely to get his message across than say, Carl Rove? Somehow I think the neocon spindoctors are more apt at this than a beardy old man in a cave in the mountains, while we're on the topic of propaganda.

"How? Because the media and it's slew of inexperienced journalists are always attracted to the "big stories." Violence in the hot spots is all you ever hear about."

Yes, mayhem is news. But that swings both ways. Lately the big story has been the DECREASE in violence, and speculation on the underlying cause of the decrease. How does that sit with the "liberal conspiracy media" you see as such a threat.

"As long as the terrorists have the media's attention, there are more than enough suicidal dickheads to blow themselves up in front of a camera."

I don't really think they sit in internet caf├ęs reading the Guardian or NYT deciding to blow themselves up. More likely it's preaching in mosques and religious schools and CD's with pics from Abu Ghraib and videos from Jihadi attacks against occupying troops that does it. But that's not really what we mean by "media", now is it?

"That's how the terrorists win, and people like you, without thinking, aid them with uneducated comments."

Oh, I've had that thrown at myself also. I'm so defeatist and anti war that, apparently, my blog comment section entries which are negative about the war in Iraq are immediately picked up and used to further terrorism. I'm sure Bin Laden has a whole stack of my blog entries in his cave to use as a tool to embolden more young jihadists, no?

"Terrorists need to be hunted down and exterminated."

Sure. Where they are at. Another good idea is to not multiply their numbers by invading countries where there are no terrorists and creating new hotbeds for terrorism to breed.

It goes something like this: Less terrorists in the first place --> less terrorists to hunt and exterminate --> better odds to actually succeed to hunt down and extreminate the ones that are already running around.

Anonymous said...


I wonder what Mohammed thinks about your view against mine?

I don't disagree with you, actually. The media is an sword that can be brought down upon anybody, conservative and liberal alike. Don't trust it to obtain your information.

So how does one get information?

Go to Iraq yourself. I did.


Derfel said...

Mohammed, could you tell us from what neighborhood you are?The only similar incident which happened a few weeks ago to the ones you´re relating was a car bomb in Gadheer, but certainly by what you´re telling a lot goes unreported!Or more exactly it doesn´t reach english-language media, because arab and other sources like iraqslogger have very good info.

You´re doing such a job. I admire you. By what you tell we can only grasp how is it to live at war, to have your country controlled by bands of thugs at war among them and against the people too. Speak the truth, continue this blog. The world has to know the truth!This blog is unique. But i admire above all that you have not been among those who joined armed groups or criminals which was the easy thing as i see it, most people don´t do violence but of course the silent majority is overwhelmed by a very violent minority. I believe you when you say you´re helping your country.

I hate it so much when some "expert" says, or they said as sectarian violence was growing, that this was due to the sunnis being dominant with saddam and that sunnis and shiites had hated each other for decades and blahblahblah!Just bullshit!They said it in Bosnia which was a very similar situation to Iraq, people there were even more mixed and there had been now recents tensions between them. If there was so much violence it´s because organized groups (numbering VERY FEW PEOPLE, think that even if you count the Awakenings and "bad" members of security forces and all militias and insurgents, I don´t think they´re one in 100 of the total people) liked it or found it useful.

In the case of Bosnia and Iraq, tha fact that people were so mixed in fact contributed to violence since armed groups had to kill many people to expel a certain group. If you look to northern iraq where there are a lot of different peoples with much less relation than sunni-shiites there´s been actually much less violence!

I only knew what happened in Adhamiya (that the militants tried to go back and "be nice" to the people anyway it was a failure) because you reported it. So many hotel journalists and pseudo-experts and columnists just speak by inertia and for political reasons, they don´t know anything on the ground. And what´s happening on the ground is just so confusing...last I heard is that Awakenings have been engaging in quite a few abuses, expelling shiites again from Dora recently and clashing with police and executing people in Baquba. Perhaps you can tell us something

By the way if you have time, see The Banality of Ethnic War by John Mueller. It is about the so-called ethnic clashes in the Balkans in the 90s. I thing you´ll find many many similarities with Iraq today!

Mirandian said...

Hi Mohammed.
It was sad to read what you wrote....and I can definitely understand the rage that is becoming harder to control as the days goes by....
I am sure you're making a difference in your own way....It's nice to know a civilian's point of view.
Hope EID was quite....and the rumour was just a rumour.

PS:- For the first time I am going through Iraqi Bloggers. I found it as I was looking at the latest headlines in rss feed....news.bbc.co.uk

mr. samer said...

Hey bro, salam alaikum,
Go pray and get a life man. You sound a bit confused. Either that or you're taking too many of the meds dentists use on their patients. Instead of reading some Quran and making dua, you're trying to vent out on the bloggs. It's not cathartic, it's choas that you're inflicting upon yourself. No shut the pc off and go pray. Go.

jeeze said...

i can only imagine what you must be going through!

what is your opinion? should the US start withdrawing the troops or do you want them to stay? i can't trust the media in my country.

my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Mohammed said...

I hope that too, and sure I believe in god.

Mrs K,
leaving Iraq is not only because it's dangerous but because there is no future for me in it, I simply can't open my own private clinic because at any moment some thugs might come and threaten me for sectarian reasons or any reason (that if I was lucky) and if I wasn't I'll be killed, the majority of the remaining people in Iraq who calls themselves Iraqis don not appreciate science or doctors or engineers they only appreciate weapons, power and money.

It's true that some cities, towns and neighborhood are better now, and from the Iraqi point of view safe, but do you think it's truly safe? Is it safe like before the war or like cities and towns in US?
I don't believe so, but I agree with you that the media is a very powerful method of achieving goals, whether for the terrorists or the US or Iraq or even the aliens!!!
The media can be used by anyone for his best interest, but I believe the westerners doesn't receive 0.1% of the terrorists media, like the recruitment CDs and the BRAGGING Cds( in which they brag about what they achieved!!) believe me the media that is saying that US should withdraw is not linked to terrorists.
You were here in Iraq and I believe you have seen some of what I'm talking about.
The terrorists media can't be directed to the westerners because of many reasons (as I believe) the first: AQ uses Islam as a cover for their act (while Islam has nothing to do with their acts) and majority of westerners aren't Muslims, second reason: their geographical position doesn't permit them to broadcast their materials, like the materials in Iraq (you might have seen them) and many less important reasons.
What I want to say that the US media is hiding a lot of stuff from the people and I believe you know that.
Do you want to say that mentioning what happens like explosion and deaths is helping the terrorists? I don't agree on that, the truth must be told whether good and bad, what the terrorists are doing must be told and their savageness must be known by the whole world for two simple reasons; the first: to let the people know what they are, so they will hate them and try their best to fight them or support the people who fights them. The second reason: when the people know what they are, they will not join them or support them even if they wear a religious mask. I think you will agree with me on that.

Thank you very much, but as I mentioned above, If I'm going to leave Iraq then it's because I'm sick of living on the edge of death and having to deal with all these difficulties every day, second reason which is as important as the first one and might be more, in Iraq there is no future, so I want to build my future and secure it. Not only Iraqis leave their country for a better future, many nationalities do that. For example why did the Americans came to the US? They came for a better future, don't you agree on that?

Mohammed said...

Thank you very much, It has been a long time since I heard from you.
And one of my goals is to let the people know the truth that was kept from them, truth must be heard, we are in the 2007 no one should be kept in the dark, specially when we have the internet.

It's true that you have been in Iraq, but you were in Iraq as a member in the US army; guarded, armed and living in a well secured base.
You have experienced 50% or less of the true Iraq.(I mean no offence) Try living as an unarmed civilian in Baghdad with no connections with the militias and any minute you might be stopped and dragged by someone you might see it too much for him to spit on him and he drag you like a sheep to cut your head or drill you and there is nothing you can do or no one stand for you that's if you weren't kidnapped and tortured for three days and then your dead body is thrown in the garbage, that's how civilian Iraqis live.
I agree with you that the media is used in both ways, but the bad ways is more concentrated on Iraqis and arabs in general, don't you agree?

I'm sorry I can't be specific about where I live for security reasons, but I live somewhere near Adhamyia, and Ghadeer is far far away from my neighborhood.
You are talking the absolute truth about the sectarian violence, it's totally because of the armed groups.
Well, I haven't heard about that, but believe me it's so easy to pretend that you are in the awakening and do these things to let the people hate you, I think it's AQ style.
But the awakening has been targeted by a car explosion by AQ two days ago in Adhmyia. AQ wants the people to hate Awakening, it's a war between them now.

Thank you very much, and thank god it's a rumor till this moment, thank god.

Wa`alikm alsalam,
I don't know where you have seen confusion? I'm totally cool and I'm not confused, it's true I'm sad for my country and neighborhood, it's true that I'm sad and angry for the people who dies every day, but I'm not confused, I have a great life, I have a wife who loves me and I love her, I have a very nice home which I built, I have a work.
By the way you are talking about prayers, I'm treating people in Pain for less than 40 cents for any dental procedure, don't you think it's praying? You ask me to close my pc! Do you know that I open my PC to search for a way to get the clothes to Iraqi refugees inside Iraq and in Syria and couldn't find a way to get them here till now although it's collected and ready, isn't that praying.
Isn't it better than just praying and doing nothing to help your people who is in pain?

Well, I have talked aboutthis issue so many times, the US should leave when they have cleaned the mess they caused and do what they promised to do, that means it's still early to withdraw because Iraq will end up in the hands of Iran and fanatics and terrorists, and the only one who will be in sorrow is the Iraqis

Indigo said...

Iraq: The trauma and the mistakes
Andrew North, the departing BBC Baghdad correspondent, looks back on his time reporting from Iraq since the 2003 US-led invasion.
BBC 20 Dec 2007

Anonymous said...

Dear Mohammed.
I hope and wish that all the good forces of the universe can
be with you and your people in this moment. We, human beings, are facing up the most terrible ways humans can go through. I`ll try to
help spread your testimony and hope
that life will be better in the near future.
May the Gods of all religions be with you !

tehsin said...


I'm praying for all the Muslims the world over, esp my bros and sis who have to go through hell on earth each and every day. I don't know how you all do it and I salute your bravery and strength...I guess there's no choice for those who cannot leave...May Allah relieve all the Iraqis' sufferings and ease the hunger, thirst, heat, cold and fear and sadness...same goes for the forgotten in Afghanistan and elsewhere...

I just don't know how much is true about Al-Qaeda and how much is well propagated spin and carefully executed fitna designed to justify all the US and kuffar actions...

Craig...just save it. The US is responsible for all this mayhem and suffering and murder and the so-called terrorists..for all we know, some of the so-called terrorists are just boogeymen created in order to justify the continued presence of the blood/oil sucking US administration...you guys overrate yourselves and your sense of blind, good ole American self righteousness really sucks!!!

mirdifderya said...

I don't get it, what kind of religion is that kills own muslim brothers, even thought about during EID:(( sad very sad really.. if you have chance to get out, please tdo Mr. Moh'd, how about Jordan?, I know, next door and easy to excess, bit expensive but at least normal life. Syria is tough. My prays are with you and for your friends.

Indigo said...

Iraq children 'paying high price' - The violence led to extreme hardship for many children in Iraq BBC 21 Dec 2007

Two million children in Iraq are facing threats including poor nutrition, lack of education, disease and violence, the UN children's agency, Unicef, has said. ... By the end of the year (2007), 75,000 children had resorted to living in camps or temporary shelters. ... Iraqi children should be the priority for international investment in Iraq as they would be the "foundation for their country's recovery".

Indigo said...

The past is the dream of Sunnis in tiny Baghdad enclave Yahoo/AFP 21 Dec 2007

Anonymous said...

Another one of tehsin's boogeymen:

"A suicide car bomb exploded at a checkpoint manned by Iraqi army and police in the western Baghdad neighborhood of Ghazaliyah Saturday afternoon, killing four people and wounding another six.

The dead were two civilians, a policeman and a soldier, while the wounded included two policemen and two soldiers, police said."

Tom in Texas

Indigo said...

Iraqi villagers battle to hold off Al-Qaeda
Marie Colvin reports from Diyala province on the desperate battle to fend off an extremist surge
Sunday Times, 23 Dec 2007

THIS is the front line of the war with Al-Qaeda. In other parts of Iraq their fighters are like ghosts, using car bombs and remotely triggered mines to deadly effect but rarely revealing themselves. In Diyala, Al-Qaeda troops are seizing villages in house-to-house battles that have plunged the province into an unacknowledged war. ... When Al-Qaeda was chased out of Anbar and Baghdad last year, it regrouped in Diyala and declared the province the Islamic State of Iraq, to be run as an Islamic caliphate with Baquba as its capital.

Until earlier this year the province was entirely run by Al-Qaeda. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the head of Al-Qaeda in Iraq, was killed just down the road in Hibhib. The Americans finally retook Baquba in June.

Iraqis point out the dangers of leaving Diyala to Al-Qaeda: not only does it border Iran, but five highways run directly into the Iraqi capital and are used to smuggle in weapons.

Indigo said...

Tough Homecoming for Iraqi Refugees - Thousands of Iraqis who fled abroad are heading back - but many don’t have homes to return to. IWPR 21 Dec 2007

Since late November, the Iraqi government has provided Iraqi refugees in Syria with free busses home from Damascus and promised financial aid.

However, critics say the government is not doing enough to support former refugees - many of whom are returning to find their homes looted, destroyed or occupied. ... UNHCR research has revealed that most - 66 per cent - are not going back to their own homes. ... For example, no family has received the 800 US dollars they were promised because the government was trying to figure out how to distribute the funds, said Samia Aziz, a member of the Iraqi parliament’s migration and displacement committee. ...

California said...

Dear Mohammed,
Why is it that so many Iraqis, Saudis, Syrians, etc, are so easily brainwashed into thinking that the best way to fight for their rights is to kill innocents? Is it because so many are educated only in the Koran? Is it because the Mullahs see more and more of their poor Muslim 'subjects' coming back from foreign schools that teach rational and academic thought; and then questioning the traditional thinking? In response, are the Mullahs then demonizing the source of the rational education and calling for Jihad against it... because they want to preserve their jobs? Is it all about retaining jobs, prestige, and power? Is this all about a long overdue Islamic reformation? If so, why do so many innocents have to die? How can such a noble religion, Islam, be controverted by the selfishness and evilness of a select few (who only really need to have job retraining)?
You were right to attend to the dying and not chase the people with guns. You are keeping your head and heart in check.

Mohammed said...

first of all I'd like to tell you that neither Koran nor Islam has anything to do with these things, because there are many straight talking lines that means if anyone kills anyone then he will be in hell for eternity and he must be killed, there is nothing not a single wrod that says kill for your right, but there is the Jihad, that means if an army occupied your country or killed from your people or is trying to occupy your country you must fight them, you must fight the occupying army.... this is something natural for anyone whether Muslims, Christians or jews... if the US was occupied by the Russians let say... wouldn't Americans go out and fight them?
another thing the Mula is something that extincted looooong time ago, and believe in Iraq and Syria schools is like anywhere else in the world( Idon't know about KSA but I think it's also like anywhere) and by the way I have studied in Baghdad and my school was using OXford school's book, what do you say about that,,,,
what happens now is because of gangs and terrorists that use the name of Islam as a cover for their sick goals, Islam is not realted to them in anything...... and by the way AQ is recruting through the internet and even in the US jails, wait for my next post in which I will talk about this.
my advise to you, if you want to talk about ME politics you should read more about it or at least ask.... because there is no kob like Mulla now, so it's not about keeping jobs....... and by the way isn't there a clan in Texas that wears a white gown with a hood, they are called the "Cox clan"!!! I'm not sure about the spelling....anyway don't they kill the african americans and the jews? they burn them for no reason....aren't they inocents... do they have a Mula or Koran.... what I want to say is that terrorism is not related to a religion...killing innocents is everywhere in the world, not only in the Islamic countries.... I wish you can do some searches and read some stuff so you can understand the what the real situation is.

Mirandian said...

I had to stop by just to say that I'm with you Mohammed. One cannot classify terrorism into particular nationalities! Yes, "California" needs to read more to understand better or just ask!

PS:- By the way the clan you mentioned is the "Ku Klux Klan" (KKK)

California said...

I know this is not a forum and you may consider me an uninformed American and you are prolly wasting your valuable comment space approving my comments for posting on your blog. But I am just asking questions. I do read a lot about the Mideast and am busting with questions, not really opinions. I agree with some of what you say and would like to discuss more. But I'm afraid your blog comments area is the wrong place for that. You are very busy with just trying to survive the Iraq holocaust and save your country. That takes priority. We have a lot of misconceptions about each others cultures but we are all children of Abraham. Maybe some day we can explore our similarities rather than our few differences, in peace. Thanx for writing your perspectives about life in Baghdad. I enjoy reading it and I pray for the survival of you and your family.

Anonymous said...

I live in America, and my president is an idiot. I'm sorry that you are going through all that.

Anonymous said...

If most of you people weren't blinded by your own brand of hatred you would realize that America has removed a cancer in Iraq and that country has healing to do. It is a sad human truth that pain and suffering are a part of the process. The country is better off than it was and it has a future where the citizens have a say in the future if we don't abandon the cause prematurely.

Humble point of view of one who thinks there are things worth fighting for. Having taken an oath, laid it on the line, and seen the sacrifice up close.